Rasheed: “No one is sleeping at the job” at Sony


After the successful launch of the PlayStation 4 in November, 2014 is shaping up to be a bigger-than-ever year for Sony and its gaming brand. However, with all the good news surrounding the company, there are still fans wondering why their wishes haven’t been granted yet in regards to how the PS4 works.

Well, good news PS4 fans. Sony is listening. At least, that’s what industry insider Ahsan Rasheed had to say on Saturday.

While answering fan questions on Twitter yesterday, Rasheed assured fans that big things are coming from Sony, and that the company does hear what its consumers are saying.

"Good stuff is on the horizon. The hardware front has shifted focus to PS Now, I don’t know much about the state of firmware updates on PS4."

"I’ve heard Sony is listening and there is a laundry list of items in store for future firmware updates. No one is sleeping at the job."

"There is a lot on the plate from PlayStation Now launching, headset compatibility, better bluray/audio support, etc."

"They know they have work to do and the whip is cracking. Ironing out OS bugs is not easy"

It’s good to know that, apparently, Sony is listening to its fans. What exactly they are listening to, and what they intend to do about it, remains to be seen, but they do know what owners of the console wish to have, i.e. Playing and ripping audio CDs to the console.


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