Ken Kutaragi to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award


The man who is widely regarded as the “Father of the PlayStation” is set to be honored for his contribution to creating the gaming system that changed the gaming industry forever.

Ken Kutaragi, the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and the lead architect of the original PlayStation, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award during the 14th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards on March 19. The award will be presented to him by the lead architect of the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny.

“The PlayStation has become a household name, representing some of the biggest and best gaming experiences of all time. Its success and longevity is a reflection of the insight, craft, technical prowess and hard work of the team led by Kutaragi-san, the father of the PlayStation,” said Meggan Scavio, General Manager of all GDC events said in a press release announcing the award. “We’re honored to have Kutaragi-san present at the event, and heartened to recognize a true visionary that helped bring about an unparalleled era of growth in the industry.”

Kutaragi, who left Sony in 2007, made an impact in the gaming industry far before the original PlayStation was released as he developed the SPC700 sound chip that was used in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). For more on Kutaragi, the PlayStation and how it changed the industry, check out the classic episode of Tech TV’s “Icons”  above.


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