Microsoft Seeking Legal Action Against Leaker


A few days ago, information was leaked by a NeoGAF user that claimed a brand new version of the Xbox One was going to be released this year in addition to other Xbox One rumors like Halo 5 being delayed until 2015, and a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition being released.

Now, According to Kotaku, after finding out about this leak of unannounced projects, Microsoft is pursuing legal action against the man, or woman, responsible for revealing this information. The report states that Microsoft is trying to identify and track down NeoGAF user “ntkrnl”.

If the rumored legal action against the user is true, then it goes along way towards confirming the rumors in the first place. Think about it, would Microsoft really want to pursue legal action if it was just some random forum user posting a bunch of random rumors in a way that could be believed? Probably not. Then again, this could be a way to stop anyone in the future “leaking” out information whether it be true or false. This is certainly a story to keep an eye on. For now, though, I’d take everything this user said with a grain, or two, of salt.


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