NFL Now Coming To Xbox One


A brand new streaming service that will allow users to personalize what updates they receive is coming to the Xbox One, and it’s all about the NFL. NFL Now will allow football fans to pick and choose the updates they receive to their consoles based on team selection and players they want to follow.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell unveiled NFL Now earlier in the day on Thursday at a press conference in New York City. The service will stream NFL video via the web to computers, smartphone apps and, as previously mentioned, Xbox One. NFL Now won’t stream live NFL games, but it will instead offer game highlights, news, and analysis of every NFL team. Fans can also receive fantasy football updates via the service.

Users of the service will be able to set favorite teams and players, and will receive updates solely based on their selections. According to the official release, the service won’t just be used for news and analysis of the current day product. NFL Now will include, according to the NFL and Microsoft, the “deepest vault of on-demand NFL video content available anywhere.”

“The growth in video consumption habits on Internet-connected devices, whether smartphones, tablets, PCs or consoles, makes the creation of NFL Now the logical next step in the evolution of NFL Media,” Brian Rolapp, the chief operating officer of NFL, said in the press release. “NFL Now gives us the opportunity to utilize the one-to-one digital relationship to deliver our fans the most relevant content to them at the times and on the devices where they want to consume it.  Furthermore, this new digital offering provides our trusted partners and sponsors a valuable new vehicle to reach our passionate fan base.”

NFL Now will be available to users in an ad-supported free version as well as an ad-free monthly subscription version. NFL Now is slated to launch this summer, before the start of the 2014 NFL season.

Mike’s Musings: Now this is a service I can really sink my teeth into. It’s nothing ground breaking, but the ability to have a large catalog of NFL video available at your fingertips is more than enough for me to spend money on. As long as it’s not only videos of Super Bowl XXV or the Music City Miracle…..