Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/30/14


"A slimmer version of the PlayStation Vita games console will launch in the UK on 7 February, making it the first market set to get this version of the handheld after Japan.Sony said it would cost about the same as the previous model.Sony said the new model was 15% lighter and 20% slimmer than before, and the wi-fi only version would cost about £180.It also gains 1GB of internal storage and boasts longer battery life – claiming up to six hours of gameplay and nine hours of video playback – thanks in part to the firm replacing the OLED touchscreen with a more traditional LED version. Early reviews suggest this makes it appear less bright."

BBC News

"Gamers worldwide are increasingly favouring their iPhones and Android smartphones over Nintendo 3DS’s and Playstation Vitas, according to a new report.Both Apple’s iOS App Store and Google Play experienced a surge in app store game revenue in 2013, vaulting them ahead of handheld consoles for the first time ever.Combined, iOS and Google Play spending on games was three times the amount of the game-optimised handheld market in the third quarter of 2013, according to the report by market intelligence firm App Annie."

"Despite the more salacious Google Glass apps that have garnered attention lately, Google developers have been working on a more PG use for the device: gaming.Google released five Glass minigames Monday to inspire more developers to create games specifically tailored to the device’s unique needs, according to a Google Developer’s blog post. The augmented reality games range from “Tennis,” in which players tilt their heads to move their rackets, to “Clay Shooter,” in which voice commands release in-game clay pigeons and shoot them once they’re airborne."

Huffington Post