Microsoft Store Wants You To Ditch Your PS3


That’s one way of taking out your competition; buy them out from underneath them! Emails have been sent out from Microsoft, asking those with a Sony PS3 to ditch their console for a $100 Microsoft Store credit towards an Xbox One. A submitted PS3 console will be recycled, meaning it will no longer be used by anyone, but you do get a bigger return than you would from any other retail store. The PS3 must be a working unit, or else they will not take it in.

Additionally, you can do this with an Xbox 360 S or E, yet the promotional materials are directly targeting their competition in their submitted emails.

The ad in itself is quite hilarious. Microsoft is lining hundreds of thousands (perhaps, millions) of dollars into buying out PS3’s, which still has games like Persona 5, Final Fantasy X, Dark Souls II and plenty of sports games/annualized shooters coming out, to make sure that nobody gets to use it. When you sell a console via grey market (Craigslist et al), you’re at least providing someone else the opportunity to play and enjoy the same experiences you did.

It’s really odd, especially when you consider that the Xbox One has sold over 3 million consoles through the end of 2013. They’re doing exceptionally well; just not as well as the PS4. They might even be doing better off in North America at the moment, due to their supply! To me, it just screams of desperation, especially when the “battle” for the 8th generation of consoles has still got at least 4-5 more years to go.

If you’re willing to throw away a huge catalog of games in order to pick up an Xbox One, make sure you contact your local Microsoft Store to identify if they are doing this promotion. In my personal opinion, I would not ditch a previous-generation console of any kind to update so early in the PS4/Xbox One/Wii U’s life cycle, but it’s your life!

(h/t oxidax)


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