Iwata: Nintendo Won’t Go Third Party


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is adamant that Nintendo won’t be going to a third-party, software only company in the future, and he wants to make sure that everyone is aware of that.

One of the major topics during Wednesday night’s — Thursday morning in Japan — investor briefing by Nintendo was the idea that company go the route of SEGA in 2001 — abandon creating hardware, and release its games as a third party on other systems. Iwata stood by his stance that Nintendo won’t release its games on other systems, and the company strategy regarding unified software and hardware will not change.

Iwata also confirmed, according to analyst Dave Gibson who was in attendance, that Nintendo will continue to developer living room hardware after the Wii U’s lifespan has long since passed. Iwata also confirmed that the Wii U will not be receiving a price cut in the near future as the company feels that its price is low enough for the state of the current market.

Mike’s Musings: The decline of a price cut is no surprise as Nintendo has repeatedly stated that a cut won’t happen soon. The idea of Nintendo becoming solely a third-party publisher is something that I find to be an unnecessary suggestion at this time. With the success of the 3DS continuing into 2014, Nintendo is in no way hurting to the point where the company has no other option in order to survive. They are still a profitable company that has shown the ability to rebound from a poor outing with a console before. Apparently, at least to me, is that Nintendo alternates between duds and stars when it comes to home consoles. Think about it — N64, star; Gamecube, dud (I loved the console, but, compared to the others, it was a dud); Wii, star; Wii U, dud. It only seems logical to expect the next console, whenever that may be, to be a star for the company.


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