Xbox Fitness Has Had 1.5 million Workouts in Two Months


One of the big selling points towards casual gamers for the Xbox One at launch was the ability to use the console, and its included Kinect device, as a way to get, or stay, in shape. Xbox Fitness was launched to give users a high-intensity workout right from the comfort of their own living room.

It turns out that the Xbox Fitness plan is a good one. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Fitness program has logged over 1.5 million workouts from users since the Xbox One’s launch on November 22nd.

Xbox Fitness is a monthly subscription based program that is included with every year-long subscription to Xbox Live Gold. With the success of Xbox Fitness on the console, Microsoft has stated that it plans on expanding the service to PCs and mobile devices in the future.

Mike’s Musings: I’m proud to say that I am not one of the people responsible for the 1.5 million workouts on Xbox Fitness. In fact, I do all my working out the old fashioned way — a tire and an open field. 


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