Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/28/14


"For years, there have been calls for Nintendo to bring its games to smartphones — calls which have only intensified in light of its recent adjustments to sales projections for both Wii U and 3DS. According to a new report, Nintendo will soon announce plans to leverage mobile devices, but not in the manner some believe it should.According to a Japanese consulting firm, Japanese publication Nikkei reports Nintendo will release videos and playable mini-games on mobile devices intended to promote its games. In other words, it would release content meant to encourage people to buy Nintendo hardware, which will remain the only place to play the full versions of its software. These mobile releases wouldn’t be full or free-to-play games; they would simply be limited demos released free of charge."


"With the sale this morning of its iconic Gears of War franchise, Epic Games felt compelled to say it still is in the business of making video games, not just the technology that drives them.Fortnite, a survive-the-night style crafting game, has been in development at least since late 2011. The Infinity Blade series of iOS titles is made by Chair Entertainment, which is an Epic subsidiary"


"A free update for Payday 2 has been released, adding a new Infamy feature to the game.Similar to the Prestige feature in Call Of Duty, Infamy lets players who have reached the maximum rank trade it in exchange for exclusive perks.To claim Infamy, players must be at level 100. As well as reaching this level cap, they must also have $200,000,000 in their in-game account.After choosing to become Infamous, players will immediately return to level 1, lose $200,000,000 and all their spendable cash, and have all their skill points removed."