Elder Scrolls Online: PS4 Questions Answered


Elder Scrolls Online plans to recuperate their huge production costs by releasing their game on multiple platforms. The PS4 is one of said platforms and today the game director at ZeniMax Online Studios, Matt Firor, answered some PS4-centric questions on the PlayStation Blog.

Some of the more note-worthy tidbits to come out of the Q&A for Elder Scrolls Online:

  • PlayStation Plus membership is not required, however the in-game $15/month charged to PC and Mac users remains.
  • Megaservers will be stationed in both North America and in Europe.
  • PS4 players will not be interacting with PC/Mac servers, meaning characters are console-specific.
  • There are control configuration similarities in Elder Scrolls Online to Skyrim, but have a slightly-different mapping to reflect the nature of an MMORPG.
  • There will be a PS4-specific beta available later this year.

It’s interesting to note that, despite the already high price for entry at $60+$15/month, the PS4 version will not require you to pay a monthly fee for PlayStation Plus. The Xbox One version, however, will still require the minimum $5/month on top for Xbox Live Gold. For either version, however, it is still a lot of money to put into a series for a keyboard and mouse-free MMO experience.

The Elder Scroll Online will be coming to PC and Mac on April 4, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions coming out this June.


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