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Gears of War Franchise Bought Out By Microsoft


It’s official: Microsoft now owns the rights to the Gears of War franchise. However, this is no ordinary Microsoft exclusivity deal that has been going on as of late; the company will actually be developing the future of the series with their Vancouver-based Black Tusk Studios. Rod Fergusson will join the company within a leadership role, as he was the former Director of Production for Epic Games (the company that owned the series prior).

So, what does that mean for Black Tusk Studios’ teased game that was debuted at E3? Well, according to an interview with Polygon, the game was apparently, “More of a concept piece.” Considering how Microsoft green-lit a brand new project for Black Tusk studios all the way back in November of 2012, perhaps what we saw at E3 was an actual new IP that was scrapped for the sake of bringing another Gears of War game to Microsoft? Hopefully that isn’t the case.

Regardless, Microsoft should have made this purchase years ago. The Gears of War name is almost synonymous with Microsoft, and having their own team work on the future of the series can hopefully bring new life. It was a unique title when it was first release, and has seen a good deal of iterations since, but perhaps something new can be born out of this partnership.

(h/t Stumpokapow)


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