The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled today in a case inv..."/>
The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled today in a case inv..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/24/14


"The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled today in a case involving Nintendo and PC Box that circumventing a protection system of a game console may, in certain circumstances, be lawful.Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe had brought a case against retailer PC Box over its distribution of software that allows users to circumvent and deactivate the technology protection measures Nintendo employs in its DS and Wii consoles.The Court of Justice ruled today that it is not unlawful for PC Box to offer equipment that circumvent’s Nintendo’s protections because the content that can then be viewed on the consoles is not in and of itself illegal. The court states that “the legal protection covers only the technological measures intended to prevent or eliminate unauthorized acts of reproduction, communication, public offer or distribution.”"


"Embattled, basically non-existant St. Catharines-based game developer, Silicon Knights, best known for the GameCube classic, Eternal Darkness, and the Xbox 360 disaster, Too Human, now owes Epic Games an extra $4.5 million in damages. The original figure amounted $4.7 million, but the additional money was awarded to Epic in order to cover the studio’s legal fees.In total, Silicon Knights now owes Epic $9.2 million dollars.Interestingly, Silicon Knights initiated this drawn out legal battle, taking Epic Games to court way back in July 2007 because the developer felt Epic broke its contract with licensing partners in order to give its own blockbuster series, Gears of War, a development head start. Epic counter-sued claiming Silicon Knights tried to steal its technology."

"Picturing a standard Coen brothers film as a video game brings to mind some gruesome and unpleasant experiences. Think “No Country for Old Men” as a gritty PS3 title capable of giving The Last of Us a run for its money, or “Raising Arizona” as a twisted take on a crime-oriented sandbox game…but with a baby involved.However, the folks over at CineFix, the YouTube channel known for its 8-bit retellings of classic films as if they were retro games, decided on the cult classic, “The Big Lebowski,” as the next installment in its 8-Bit Cinema series.The result is an experience we only wish we’d had back in the ’90s."