Shovel Knight To Hit You With A Shovel On March 31 (Trailer)


Ah yes, more side-scrolling action with an NES feel! Yacht Club Games has just announced that they will be releasing Shovel Knight on March 31. They did so with another trailer, showcasing the gameplay combat and glorious fanfare of a soundtrack.

For those who are unaware of such a game, Shovel Knight is a Kickstarter project that revceived funding back in April of last year. Greatly inspired by the like of Mega Man (8 bosses require defeat for access to final boss) and Castlevania (side scrolling action with Gothic feel), our Shovel Knight must defeat his foes and stop the evil Enchantress in order to save his beloved. He does so by beating them with a shovel. A novel concept!

The feature that I’m looking forward to the most is just how much they look to callback to difficult games of old. I’m a huge fan of a challenge in my games, and Shovel Knight looks to impress with its limited health bar and skill-based action mechanics. You can’t help but also marvel at how beautifully crafted the worlds are. Multi-layered pixel backgrounds bring new life to an old craft.

Shovel Knight will be headed to the PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on March 31st. Check out the trailer below.


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