Man Orders NBA 2k14 on eBay, Gets “Served”


Let this be a lesson anyone who orders things on the auction site eBay: always check the feedback of who you’re buying from.

A Twitter user by the name of Detective Conan recently purchased what he thought was a copy of NBA 2K14 for the PlayStation 4. However, what he thought was the game when it finally came in the mail turned out to be nothing more than a copy of the movie “You Got Served” inside the NBA 2k14 case.

“Never ordering off of ebay again,” the user said in a tweet alongside the above picture of the DVD inside the case. It’s safe to say that Detective Conan didn’t do his fair amount of detective work before ordering the game.

So again, please, always check with who you’re buying from on eBay. Otherwise you can end up with a DVD in your game case, or simply a picture of what you order.


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