Warning: New battle system approaching! That's right, Warning: New battle system approaching! That's right,

New Super Smash Bros Title To Change Edge Grab Mechanics


Warning: New battle system approaching! That’s right, in a Miiverse post today, Super Smash Bros game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the upcoming Wii U/3DS game will feature changes the edge-grabbing mechanics.

For anyone who haven’t seen high level Super Smash Bros play, depending on the game, staying on the edge of a map’s platform can protect you from being hit or even prevent opposing players from grabbing said edge, causing them to inevitably fall off the map. Additionally, edge-hogging would be a strategy to prevent hits near the edges of stages by wavedashing with temporary invulnerability to the edge of the map, then grabbing the edge to avoid hits.

Now, it appears as though other players can trump an edge grab by having the higher ground. It doesn’t prevent edge-guarding, but gives more balance to the system. Additionally, the amount of damage a player has taken will determine how long a player is invincible on the edge, plus grab controls will no longer be affected by if a player has above or below 100% damage inflicted on the current stock.

The news is apparently being praised by the Super Smash Bros fighting game community, but that may not typically reflect the views of the public. What do you think? Are the changes to edge-grabbing beneficial or harmful for the balance of the upcoming Super Smash Bros game? Or do you need to play it yourself before you can judge? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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