New Xbox One Exclusives To Be Announced At E3?


If Xbox One had any edge on the PS4 right out of the gate (besides the fact that you can’t verbally tell your PS4 to turn on, I guess), its greater number of launch and not too distant exclusives (like “Titanfall”) was probably it. This being the video game industry, thoughts have already turned to what the next wave of Xbox One-only titles might include.

As it turns out, we might not have wait longer than early June to learn the answer. According to someone who should know—Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios—there might be some announcements on that front at E3.

Here’s what Spencer had to say when questioned about exclusives on Twitter:

That sounds like a confirmation, or pretty darn close to one.

Over at Trusted Reviews, they have some guesses as to what games might be in the mix, including one from Black Tusk and another from Lionhead Studios.

Of course it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if Sony also had some news on the PS4 exclusive front ready to go for Los Angeles. That should keep this year’s show from being too much of a letdown after the once in a decade excitement that the new consoles brought to E3 in 2013.