When you have an intellectual property – especially one that’s wor..."/>
When you have an intellectual property – especially one that’s wor..."/>

Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/21/14


"When you have an intellectual property – especially one that’s worth millions of dollars – you want to protect it. But can such protections ever go too far? That’s the question a lot of industry watchers are asking this morning, as developers far and wide whose games include the word ‘candy’ are getting emails from Apple on behalf of King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga.In a filing with the US trademark office dated February 6, 2013, King.com Limited registered claim to the word ‘candy’ as it pertains to video games and, strangely, clothing. On January 15, 2014 the filing was approved. And now, a mere five days later, reports are coming in from developers that they’re being asked to remove their app (or prove that their game doesn’t infringe upon the trademark)."


"Android has had its share of video game controllers to the point where it’s at a place that’s just a hair shy of perfection. Apple’s iOS on the other hand hasn’t been as blessed by way of video game controllers. There was an attempt by a few companies like TK who took a swing with the DUO but it only worked with a handful of games. More recently, MOGA and Logitech launched their iOS controllers but they only work with iPhone 5/5S/5C and iPod Touch. All iPad owners were out of luck.In comes Signal with their RP One controller that promises to work on any device running iOS 7. That includes earlier Apple devices like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4. The RP One connects through Bluetooth and supports any game out that’s compatible with a controller. Signal also promises that the RP One will work with future iOS releases so gamers won’t have to worry about having to buy a new one when Apple releases new updates."


"Sony might not be the only firm planning to introduce its own cloud gaming service.In the wake of Sony’s PlayStation Now announcement, GAME has hinted that it could move into the game streaming market, before telling MCV that it hopes to be involved with PlayStation Now.“I’m not going to rule anything in or out right now,” said Ian Chambers, chief digital officer at GAME."