Blackguards Releases Chapter 1 As Free Public Demo


The official release of “Blackguards” is only a few days away. But why wait until Friday to get a taste of turn-based RPG goodness when you can play the game’s first chapter for free right now?

Daedalic Entertainment has made that possible, releasing the opening segment of its game set in the universe of “The Dark Eye” as a free public demo. All you have to do to sample “Blackguards” is hit one of the following links:

Blackguards Demo PC

Blackguards Demo Mac

Yes, those pages are in German, but that’s where the power of Google Translate comes in handy!

Following in the wake of feedback gathered during the “Blackguards” Early Access release, the demo contains the finalized versions of all of the features of the regular release, including advanced character creation options. Game saves from the demo can be carried over to the retail version if desired.

“Blackguards” casts players in the role of a convicted murderer who must team up with equally questionable characters to see if acting in their own self-interest might also save the world from something even worse. Wanted by the law as they journey through Adventuria, players can look forward to “high standards of storytelling and unique characters with thrilling action and an elaborate 3D environment.”

The full version of “Blackguards” is set to launch on January 24 on both PC and Mac. The Standard Edition will be $39.99 while the Collector’s Edition will be priced at $59.99