Alienware Planning Annual Steam Machines, No Customization


When Steam Machines were announced, the goal was to blur the line between PC and console as a means of bringing a computer to TV screens and to be played on couches. However, for Alienware’s entries, they will seemingly act more like a console. According to Trusted Reviews, due to lack of upgrade options for the SteamOS-powered devices, Alienware will be forced to provide a new unit every 12 months.

They do suggest that you can update other traditional Alienware PC machines, but when it comes to Steam Machines, their silver lining is that you won’t have to repurchase your games. However, I would argue that trying to get consumers to buy an entirely new PC/console every year is a much worse precedent to start, especially seeing how much they cost in comparison to the PS4 and Xbox One.

This is just what one Steam Machine manufacturer is saying. The business plans for all developers are not so cut and dry, but the concept of the Steam Machines is getting less and less enticing by the day. When you could just take a traditional PC and hook it up to your HD TV and essentially be able to do the same as a Steam Machine PLUS have the ability to upgrade the parts, the argument for needing such a device becomes convoluted.


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