Nintendo Downgrades Estimates Of Wii U Sales By 6 Million Units


Despite a rough start to the life of the Wii U, Nintendo has at least maintained a confident public stance that its most rcent console would start selling in larger quantities at some point.

Apparently that point didn’t come in the fiscal year that will end this March. Nintendo released a new full-year financial forecast today, and the anticipated sales numbers for the Wii U are grim. How grim? Try 2.8 million units, down from the nine million the company originally expected to move.

As Mat Smith points out at Engadget, that’s actually less Wii U sales than the console saw during its first year of existence. And it’s not like other Nintendo hardware is necessarily making up the difference, as the statement contains downgrades for the Wii and the 3DS too.

Nintendo fans have always held out hope that the Wii U would spread its wings once more first party games hit the system, and the upcoming release of “Super Smash Bros.” should juice sales. The question is whether or not it will be enough to keep the Wii U from becoming a lost cause. Certainly, Nintendo has taken some body blows before and remained a force in the world of consoles, but it’s possible that the company could find itself at a point where it decides the business of making consoles is no longer worth the effort.

Let’s hope this isn’t it.


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