Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/17/14


"Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has insisted he will not resign from his position despite accepting responsibility for the company’s abject commercial performance.On Friday, the company slashed its Wii U sales forecast from 9 to 2.8 million units – a dramatic reduction that it expects will swing its full-year results from profit to loss.Iwata apologised to shareholders in Kyoto for the extent of the under-performance, and insisted his intention was to rapidly reverse the company’s fortunes."


"If Valve hoped to resolve questions surrounding its Steam box initiative during the Consumer Electronics Show last week, showcasing prototypes from 13 manufacturers was an odd way to go about it. Taking in everything at the event, I had no idea what I was really looking at other than a random mix of PCs that, at the bare minimum, supported Linux and included a graphics processor–two criteria that apply to almost every modern computer, expensive and cheap alike.The confusing array of Steam machines is, as we found out, a product of Valve’s hands-off partnerships with Steam machine builders. At the moment, the only imposition from Valve seems to be the need for a proprietary internal radio that’s used to communicate with its prototype Steam machine controller, though even that won’t likely persist for long. According to a representative that we spoke with from Origin PC, designer of the Chronos Steam machine, Valve hasn’t even approached the team to discuss licensing of the Steam machine name."


"Outerlands, a new video game documentary series from Area 5, the production company consisting of the crew responsible for The 1UP Show, has been announced today with the launch of a Kickstarter.After teasing a secret project in recent weeks, Area 5 revealed its new project as a documentary “TV series.” Although it won’t actually air on television, Area 5 is referring to it as such because of the format it will take. The subject of game preservation that’s focused on in the pitch video below is just one of the subjects that will be covered; anything that falls under the broad umbrella of “the people and culture of video games” could be tackled."