Xbox One Titanfall Alpha Trial Imminent? (Update)


UPDATE: Respawn Entertainment has confirmed on Twitter there is a “limited technical test” being conducted for Titanfall.

The trial emails are not a scam so good luck to everyone and hopefully you are selected for the trial!

ORIGINAL STORY: Word has spread on NeoGAF that several users have received emails from EA inviting them to participate in an “Alpha Trial” on Xbox One.  However, Microsoft, EA, nor Titanfall has yet to confirm such a program exists.

The email does come from an EA trial domain that has been used in the past, but it seems strange EA has yet to confirm.  You can check out the site HERE. The site proclaims “Standby for Titanfall.”

To further muddy the waters, the Titanfall account took to Twitter to say the following:

So is all of this a scam?  We don’t know, but we recommend proceeding with caution until an announcement is officially made regarding the program.  Stay tuned as we will post updates throughout the day as more is released!


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