Founding Member Of Ouya Has Left The Company


In “take the money and run” news Muffi Ghadiali, one of the earliest members of the team that created the Ouya, has left the company. TechCrunch learned of the news, who heard from a source that Mr. Ghadiali was instrumental in the computer engineering of the platform as one of their top experts. Additionally, it was allegedly Ghadiali’s decision to leave the company and not the company letting him go.

Key talent leaving an already-fledgling product in Ouya is never a good sign. The console has seen drastic price cuts and a quickly-waning consumer interest, the likes in which even the Wii U looks down upon. Now with the system’s championed game, Towerfall, coming to PC and PS4 in the future, there seems to be little reason to pick up an Ouya outside of indie games (which already come out on a plethora of other platforms). The hardware limitations of a home-based Android OS make it hard to provide hope among much more powerful home consoles.

Still, without the Ouya’s existence we would not receive the greatest unboxing video of all time.


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