Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/15/14


"Upcoming The Last of Us DLC pack Left Behind may be released on February 14.That’s according to an updated Sony Entertainment Network product listing, as well as the PS3 store advert for the DLC, which was spotted byNeoGAF user LittleToaster.Naughty Dog originally said Left Behind was planned for release “around the December-January timeframe”."


"Analysts predict that the increasing proliferation of mobile gaming will help push videogame industry revenues up past $100 billion.In fact, according to Digi-Capital’s latest Global Games Investment Review, the industry is on a course to be worth more than $100 billion by the year 2017. This titanic figure is attributed mainly to the assumption that mobile gaming, a powerful area of growth already today, will continue expanding until it makes up about 60 percent of the industry’s market share in 2017. If the growth of mobile is consistent with these predictions it could, in turn, lead to even more rampant expansion in Asia where mobile and online gaming are king."

The Escapist

"While the Oculus Rift headset is certainly one of the more exciting advancements in video game technology, it’s also a very big risk. The idea of a 3D, virtual reality headset is a tough sell for the casual gamer, and one that only truly reveals its value after trying the Oculus out. But beyond all of that, the Oculus Rift’s potential success is wholly dependent on price.Price can mean several different things, most obviously the price of the Oculus Rift headset itself. But it can also mean the price of games, which, as we have now learned, may be more than the current $60 average.According to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, there is a genuine possibility that games that use the Oculus Rift will retail for more than the average game. He doesn’t cite specific examples, but Iribe says he has seen a few games that he personally would pay “a lot to get that experience in virtual reality.”"

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