Increase the life of Your DualShock 4 Battery Charge


Since its release back in November, a common complaint about the new DualShock 4 controller for Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been the battery life, or lack thereof.

On average, gamers get about eight hours of use from a full charge on the DS4. Compare that to the life of a DualShock 3 which had about 30 hours of playable life during one full charge, and you have a drastic drop off. Thankfully, one person has seemingly found a little trick to get users more usage from their DS4s.

Reddit user Scooby609 recently made a post on the PS4 board with his guide on increasing the DS4’s battery life. This guide involves simply purchasing a new battery and replacing it inside the controller. The best part is — you don’t have to mod the controller in any way, shape or form.

The same aftermarket batteries that could be used in the DS3 can be put into the DS4 without doing anything more than unplugging the old battery, and plugging a new one in. The user used this battery from Amazon as an example, and states that swapping the batteries gave him six more hours of playing time on a full charge.

While it’s not as great as a 30 hour life, 14 hours sure beats the heck out of eight.


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