Game Insight Releases Two New City-Builders This Week (Video)


Mobile gamers never seem to tire of city-builders as long as companies can continue to come up with different twists to make sure there’s something for everyone. Game Insight is doing its part this week, rolling out two new games to different mobile platforms and releasing more info on a third, all of which contain city-building elements. One of the new titles is simply spreading to a new OS, but two are new to mobile.

Without further ado, here’s what to look for depending on what smartphone or tablet ecosystem you use:

“Sky Adventures” for iPad

As the name suggests, this city-builder/management strategy game has a heavy aerial element as you work to restore an abandoned airfield and lead a cast of animal heroes in creating an air and sea transportation system. Plus there are pirates, because what game isn’t made that much better with pirates?

Game Insight is touting more than 150 types of buildings, 100 levels and 30 characters to meet as you play through the game. Social features include the ability to send customized ships to friends’ islands and work together to defeat especially tough pirates.

“Sky Adventures” had a previous release on Facebook and VKontakte, and is now available in the App Store as a free download for iPad.

“2020: My Country” for Windows 8

The most traditional city-builder of the three, “2020: My Country” is a sequel to “My Country” set early in the next decade (or the tail end of this one, if we want to split hairs). Your reconstruction efforts in this one go toward the restoration of your very own island nation, complete with some appropriately futuristic buildings and seriously first world problems like traffic jams for hovering cars.

The core gameplay should feel familiar to many gamers, as you collect coins from structures, fulfill contracts and complete quests. Disasters that range from simple water pipe breaks to full scale alien invasions keep you on your toes.

“2020 My Country” has been available for some time on iOS and Android, but it’s now out for Windows 8 devices as well.

“Sunshine Bay” for iPad

This is the newcomer of the bunch. “Sunshine Bay” tasks you with running a tropical island resort and a fleet of cruise ships, seemingly without much worry except how to ensure your guests have the best possible time in paradise. But there are questions to be answered too. Why were you given the job? And what’s up with the map that wants you to investigate a mysterious route into the ocean?

Over 100 quests can help you get some answers if you’re so inclined. Or you can just keep building luxury homes and restaurants to beef up the tourist trade and send big yachts out to vacation destinations around the world.

Facebook gamers may recognize “Sunshine Bay” already, but the game is coming soon to iPad.