This Dark Souls II Trailer Will Leave You ‘Cursed’ (Video)


If you were expecting a highly-revealing storyline to play out in a trailer for a Dark Souls game, then you have another thing coming. Namco Bandai has released a trailer for their upcoming Action-RPG title Dark Souls II, called “Cursed.” It touches on the landscape and the enemies within the game, one that takes place in the mythical land of Drangleic.

Both CGI animated and containing, presumably, gameplay footage, Dark Souls II looks to repeat upon the success of its popular predecessor, Dark Souls. Unforgiving combat, grotesque enemies, dark environments, overwhelming boss encounters, seamless single/multiplayer invasions and a mysterious lore behind the events of the plot surround this trailer, as From Software looks to stay with what was an excellent thing.

Something odd to note is that the game is rated T for Teen. Both Dark and Demon’s Souls are rated M for Mature, due to varying degrees of Blood & Gore, Partial Nudity and Violence. Little is known to the extent of what would be cut to make the rating, but seeing how the Dark Souls II team want to appeal to a wider audience, hopefully it is not significant content.

Dark Souls II will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 11, with a PC release soon to come after. Check out the trailer below!


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