SimCity Offline Mode Coming In Future Update


In a move fans of non-restrictive policies are calling, “Something that should have been packaged into at launch,” SimCity will finally be getting an offline mode in a future update, according to GM of Maxis Emeryville Patrick Buechner in a company blog post. This means that players will now be allowed the play single player mode to their heart’s content without having to log in to EA servers. No timeline has been provided for the update.

Moving on from the fact it could be taken out from the game (and has been done by modders) about a week after launch last year, it may be too little, too late from EA Games. It is true that now the game will be able to be modded more freely due to the ease of being offline, however this should have been the developers’ #1 priority as soon as the game came out.

A great deal of fans were hyped for the launch and hurt when restricted with DRM, to the point of being unable to log in and play the game for weeks at a time. Now, after the game being on the shelves for over 9 months and even releasing an expansion pack , to come back 9 months later to fix a problem that should have been already dealt with? We’ll have to see if the gaming community is quick to forgive and forget.


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