Top 10 Console Games of 2013

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4. Super Mario 3D World

Mario has been around for AGES.  The old and young have definitely heard of Mario at some point in their life – that lovable red plumber that he’s come to be known by.

2013 delivered a new Super Mario that people were absolutely excited about but was caught in the cross hairs of the next generation launch.

However, Super Mario 3D World is definitely a great game and was a good addition to the Wii U. The game can be played with pretty much every controller possible for the Wii U and the graphics were phenomenal.  The gameplay added new abilities and was fun to play for hours.  Just when you think you’ve beat the game, nope, another world unlocks.  That was what drove me to keep playing along with the multiplayer with family.  It had minor flaws but was fun nonetheless.

The Wii U needs A LOT more games like this to catch up to Sony and Microsoft. Only time will tell if that happens.