Top 10 Console Games of 2013

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10. Battlefield 4

I know, I know, Battlefield 4 had one of the worst, if not THE worst, launches in history.  It was broken putting it nicely but DICE pulled out a hailmary with it.

DICE worked for days to fix Battlefield 4 on all of the platforms, finally fixing the game to deliver a great multiplayer experience for myself and others.  I have spent countless hours (I think I’m in the 30+ range now) in the engineer class repairing.  After all, my good friend @Aquatiq2688 can’t fly that scout helicopter without me!

And that’s what makes the game fun – choosing the style that fits you.  I’m terrible at running/gunning, so I choose a support class to assist someone who is good.  That’s what the game is about.  If you haven’t played, head on over to your local game store and pick up a copy today!