The Tribez Gets Cross-Platform Spin-Off In The Tribez & Castlez (Video)


Game Insight’s lost civilization city-builder “The Tribez” was (and still is) a big hit. It was only natural that the company would dream up a follow-up, but instead of a sequel, it sounds like gamers will be treated to a brand new twist with the next entry in the series.

That would be “The Tribez & Castlez,” coming to iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook early this year. As Game Insight recently revealed, it’s more of a spin-off than a straight sequel thanks to some new wrinkles in both the setting and the gameplay. Thanks to a scientific experiment gone wrong, the action in “The Tribez & Castlez” is set in another world, one where magic, dragons and werewolves are part of the fabric.

City-building elements will still be an important part of the mix as Prince Eric is joined by the Professor and Princess Aurora in restoring his kingdom to its proper glory. That means erecting defenses, taking care of the finances, growing crops and breeding animals.

But there’s also a strong fantasy adventure element, as players will “discover the ancient ruins of abandoned castles, seek mysterious artifacts, and wage war on hideous monsters.” Just in case you’re keeping score, that’s building, magic, monsters and more, all rendered in the series’ signature art style and no doubt sporting plenty of social features to boot.

No hard release date for “The Tribez & Castlez” has been announced yet, but you can stay in loop at the game’s official website or Facebook page (or right here at GameSided!). In the meantime, check out the debut trailer and see what happens when “The Tribez” goes from prehistoric to medieval.