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6. Super Mario 3D World

It’s a shame that more people don’t own Wii U’s. It’s games like this that should bring people to the console, as Super Mario 3D World does what a console Mario game has been seeking for some time; originality. Ditching the side-scrolling style restrictions, 3D World was enjoyed most for its colorful visuals, excellent platforming and how they handled movement.

As a huge fan of Super Mario Bros. 2, bringing back the full cast brought a much-needed variety to the game. Additionally, I felt Super Mario 3D World handled collectibles better than the majority of other games by making them essential for unlocking extra content. The hidden sources of these stars are hard to find, which more than makes up for how easy gameplay can get with the addition of the White Tanooki item. Most importantly, Super Mario 3D World went for cheesy, cartoony and overall fun. They sure accomplished their goal.