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7. Killer Instinct

ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Killer Instinct gives you an experience that reflects as much as you put into it. For those who button mash, this fighter is not for you. It is also not a game in which you must learn 15-button combos in which to benefit. It requires you to chain small combos, auto attacks and shadow attacks together to deal a great deal of damage against your opponents.

What sets Killer Instinct apart from other fighters is the ease of access it provides. The Dojo allows you to learn all the moves, gameplay mechanics and fighting game philosophies to succeed. Practice modes even provide frame data, visual hit boxes and a re-recordable AI opponent that allows you to practice against specific moves with precision. The game makes it easy for you to learn how to ascend from scrublord-level play to FGC-worthy, removing the harshness of difficulty.

It’s not a perfect game. Content is still in development, with roster characters being rolled out in seasons. However, Killer Instinct still has promise. With the prevalence of game DVR’s with 8th generation gaming, there is no better online experience than wrecking someone in combat, pulling off a sweet ending Ultra and chaining more hits than you ever have before. “Xbox: Record That!” was made for the hype gameplay experiences made in Killer Instinct head-to-head matchups.