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9. BioShock Infinite

2013 was Troy Baker’s year to step it up in the realm of voice acting. He lent his voice to at least 3 major AAA games (one of which appears later in this list) this year as a lead protagonist or villain, beginning to take the reigns from Nolan North. Bringing a commanding voice to Booker DeWitt helped shaped one of the best video game pairings of 2013, as the traded jabs between him and Elizabeth provided some of the memorable dialogue this year.

As great of a game it was, Infinite felt like a departed experience from the rest of the trilogy. Simplifying level design, removing the weapon wheel, easier puzzles; there are a lot of concessions Irrational Games made. However, in spite of those downfalls we saw a grander world with visual fidelity, social commentary and scenery. BioShock Infinite provided the player with a deeply engaging game that may have had the best balance in 2013 when it came to balancing story and gameplay.