Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 Schedule: Day 4


Another day, another batch of speedrunners for Awesome Games Done Quick 2014!

For those who are not familiar with Awesome Games Done Quick, it is an annual charity event where Speed Demos Archive some of the top speedrunners get together for a full week of playing and streaming awesome and challenging games…in a quick fashion. It is all done in the name of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a, “Nonprofit organization that saves lives through cancer research, education and community outreach.” Over $288,000 has already been raised so far.

If your donation reaches certain amounts throughout the Awesome Games Done Quick stream, you are eligible to win sweet prizes. They change throughout the stream and are usually centered around the current game. Additionally, just by watching the stream you can help boost the concurrent viewership. By doing so, Twitch will donate a maximum of $5,000 to the cause if 100,000 people are watching concurrently. Seeing at, at the time of this post, the stream has already hit over 70,000 concurrent viewers (and has seen higher peeks earlier), no doubt this will get accomplished by the end of the stream.

Here is the schedule for Day 4 of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, running from now until noon tomorrow:

Date/TimeGame TitleSpeedrunner
Active (Right now)Secret of ManaStingerPA and Yagamoth (Co-op)
January 8, 2:18 PMStar Fox 64Zallard1
January 8, 3:18 PMSuper Meat BoyiMysty and vorpal (Race)
January 8, 3:48 PMDonkey Kong 64cfox7
January 8, 4:48 PMDonkey Kong CountryNewAgeRetroHippie
January 8, 6:08 PMDonkey Kong Country 2reflected
January 8, 7:13 PMDonkey Kong Country 3MorKs
January 8, 8:23 PMDiddy Kong RacingToufool31
January 8, 10:43 PMCastlevania BloodlinesKlaige
January 8, 11:28 PMCastlevania: Symphony of the NightZex and Mecha Richter (Race)
January 9, 12:33 AMMario Kart 64dntn31
January 9, 1:18 AMF-ZeroEdwardFourZERO6
January 9, 2:14 AMF-Zero GXCGN
January 9, 2:54 AMSonic 2006DarkspinesSonic
January 9, 3:34 AMPrayerwarriors: A.O.F.G. (AwfulGDQ Start)PEACHES_
January 9, 3:44 AMZoo RaceSkeletonBill and Duke Bilgewater (Race)
January 9, 4:04 AMGloverheeheex2 and stri_ (Race)
January 9, 4:49 AMPac-Man 2: The New AdventuresMecha Richter
January 9, 5:39 AMCaptain NovolinZerst
January 9, 5:49 AMAttack of the Killer Tomatoesxcd
January 9, 5:59 AME.T.Presjpolk
January 9, 6:14 AMRad RaygunPJ
January 9, 6:29 AMGarfield: A Week of GarfieldCoolkid
January 9, 6:44 AMDonald LandGarrison
January 9, 7:14 AMTwo Crude DudesMURPHAGATOR!
January 9, 7:44 AMBatman ReturnsHonorableJay
January 9, 8:04 AMSpiderman and X-men: Arcade’s RevengePJ
January 9, 8:44 AMShinobi LegionsBreakdown
January 9, 9:44 AMContra ForceMr. K
January 9, 10:04 AMContraDK28 and Heidman (Co-op)
January 9, 10:24 AMSuper CMr. K and Heidman (Co-op)
January 9, 10:44 AMContra III: The Alien WarsMr. K
January 9, 11:14 AMChip ‘n Dale: Rescue RangersCyghfer and Blechy vs Sinister1 and Feasel (Co-op Race)
January 9, 11:39 AMNinja Gaidendxtr

(All times are ET and likely to start later)