Top 10 Mobile Games Of 2013

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3. “Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas”

It’s becoming more clear with each passing year that while “never” remains a word you don’t want to throw around without caution in the world of video games, the chances of Nintendo’s popular homegrown IPs showing up on our smartphones and tablets (legally, I mean) approach the meaning of that term. Yes, the appetite for such a move would be huge, but as long as the 3DS and its brethren rule the land of gaming handhelds, it’s simply not happening.

With that in mind, the closest we’re going to get to seeing a mobile “Zelda” game is to have really incredible titles that are inspired by Link’s adventures and feel like them too. “Oceanhorn” shot to the top of that group this year, combining excellent action-adventure gameplay, gorgeous graphics and a stellar soundtrack to give us everything we wanted but knew we weren’t going to get from the big ‘N.’ It was more than mere flattery by imitation, to be sure.