Top 10 Mobile Games Of 2013

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5. “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”

Here’s where things really start to get interesting, at least if you find splitting hairs interesting. I told a colleague at Gamezebo that I didn’t think “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” could be considered a candidate for Mobile Game of the Year because it was a port of a console/PC game, and not something designed for smartphones and tablets. I suspect some members of the mobile games media left it off their year end lists for similar reasoning, while others vehemently disagreed.

Of course it was playable on those devices, and it was awesome. Also expensive, so it ended up being a game that jousted with our conceptions of what a mobile game was and could be on just about every level. Wherever you happen to fall on what this title that resurrected the proud “XCOM” brand should be called, if you have room on your device and find it on sale, you should add it to your collection without hesitation. It’s that good.