Top 10 Mobile Games Of 2013

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1. “Device 6”

The best way to compliment the developers of “Device 6” would be to say that they mastered all of the tools at their disposal to create a mobile game experience at the present time. This was a game that went beyond just about all others in demanding your careful attention, because the devil really was in all of its exquisite details. It’s hard to even discuss all of the interesting game mechanics without venturing into mild spoiler territory, but suffice it to say that everything in “Device 6” was important: the layout of the text, the sound effects, the interactive illustrations, everything.

That doesn’t mean it would be everyone’s cup of tea. To be the best doesn’t mean appealing to all players, especially in a field as diverse as mobile gaming. In terms of rising above its genre, challenging players and making them think, and offering up genuine surprises, no game did it better than this one, and it’s a worthy consensus pick as the top mobile game of 2013.