Game Informer to Make Next-Gen Reveal That Gamers “Will Flip Out Over”


On Tuesday at Noon EST, 11am central, Game Informer will reveal the cover for the latest issue of the magazine. Why is this news you ask? Well, according to the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara, the cover will include a next-gen only reveal that people will “flip out over”.

“I should mention we have a kick ass cover reveal tomorrow morning at 11am Central,” he said in the tweet. “Next-Gen only that I think people will flip out over.”

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To many, next-gen obviously means the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but to others it can even mean a high-quality PC game that is coming. Or even, a new piece of technology that will change the way we all game. McNamara refused to go into details, but instead insisted that we will all have to wait until the reveal to find out what he means by next-gen.

“And for those asking for the definition of Next Gen in that tease, you will find out platforms tomorrow,” he said.


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