Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD Opens To More Sales Than Lightning Returns In Japan


The Japanese market Media Create sales numbers are in for the final week of 2013. From December 22-29, all versions of either Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 or both remastered versions packaged together combined to open to 339,902 units sold in Japan. Without the Final Fantasy X HD standalone units on the PS Vita, the total comes to 317,283. In just 4 days of its release (after Christmas, as well), Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remasters opened up to better sales numbers than the recent release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

There could be many reasons that this could happen. First off, Final Fantasy X was a great RPG back in the day. In fact, I’d consider the game one of my Top 3 greatest Final Fantasy games of all time. Second, it could speak more to the fatigue many share with playing as Lightning over the span of a trilogy. It’s the first time a Final Fantasy character has had the main focus of a game in the history of the series’ collection.

In my mind, a third reason makes the most sense. Having the option to play Final Fantasy X and X-2 on a handheld device like the PS Vita may have convinced Japanese fans to take the plunge. As we can see with the sales of the Nintendo 3DS, PSP and (slowly, but surely) the PS Vita in Japan, household consoles have taken the backseat over the past few years.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 is still months away from coming to North America, on March 18th. Seeing how many AAA games will be released the weeks before and after it, the Japanese release might be its most successful.