Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/5/14


"Unfortunately, one thing we probably won’t see this year is Half-Life 3. Again.Gabe Newell, normally not one to say much about anything to anyone, recently told The Washington Post why Valve chose not to pursue the Half-Life series after the second game.“When we started out we were a single-player video game company that could have been really successful just doing Half-Life sequel after Half-Life sequel,” he said. “But we collectively said let’s try to make multi-player games even though there’s never been a commercial successful multi-player game.”"

TechRadar UK

"Zynga is testing Bitcoin purchases, so now you can buy your digital sheep with your digital cryptocurrency.Social game maker Zynga is testing Bitcoin as a new way to pay for your in-game purchases of chickens, power-ups, and assorted doodads. Zynga launched a test today with BitPay, a Bitcoin service provider. You can now make in-game purchases using Bitcoin while playing select games on The games currently accepting Bitcoins are FarmVille 2, CastleVille, ChefVille, CoasterVille, Hidden Chronicles, Hidden Shadows and CityVille. The Bitcoin payment option is not available through Facebook."

The Escapist

"Alpha footage for Distance, the upcoming racing game that was Kickstarted last year, is hard to come by. Then again, the name “Distance” is generic enough to reap you a lot of unwanted results on some search engines and you’ll find yourself sifting through a lot of garbage on YouTube, as well. Thankfully, there are members of gaming society who will help point the rest of us in the right direction for experiencing and seeing new gameplay footage of upcoming games, and a Reddit user was kind enough to share a link with some enticing alpha footage of the futuristic, sci-fi racer.The footage is completely awesome. We get to see how Distance handles a sense of speed, momentum, crashes, flight, gravity and some of the multiplayer beyond the split-screen gameplay that was showcased early in 2013.The aesthetics are actually the thing that stand out the most, both visually and audibly. Everything just looks like it comes together so perfectly."

Gaming Blend