New Star Control Game Confirmed To Be A Prequel


As WWE wrestler Bad News Barrett would say, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: the “Star Control” reboot isn’t going to even get a release date until 2015.

There’s plenty of good news to balance that out though. Stardock CEO Brad Wardell recently spoke to Ars Technica to confirm that the new game will be a prequel to the early 90s PC series (but existing in an alternate timeline), that it would take much of its inspiration from “Star Control II,” and that it would strive to maintain the same tone as the original games.

Want more positives? The prequel will include single player and head-to-head combat. And it’s been given the blessing of the Toys for Bob crew of Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III who created the franchise but can’t participate in its revival because they are employees of Activision (don’t feel bad for them though—they’re doing just fine with a little thing called “Skylanders”).

Since Stardock is best known for its 4X strategy games, some eyebrows were definitely raised when the company bought the rights to the “Star Control” name. Wardell is saying all the right things in that regard, telling Ars, “in our minds, ‘Star Control’ is more of an adventure game” and adding that he and his team “assembled a team of ‘Star Control’ fanatics to ensure that we stay true to the series.”

Sounds pretty good to me. Keep an eye on the official Stardock site for more “Star Control” development news as this year progresses.