Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/3/14


"Steam, the most popular online PC service for core gamers in the west, is currently under maintenance following a suspected attack from a ‘hacker’ group.At the time of writing, both the Steam client and Steam Store are hampered by intermittent network outages. CVG’s tests, from the UK, showed that the service was not reliably available.A suspected DDoS attack – where surges of traffic flood servers – is believed to have taken place overnight."


"In mid-2012, Sony acquired Gaikai, a company that specializes in cloud-based services. It was an acquisition that many saw as the first step towards a new generation of gaming experiences/services, but one that also raised a lot of questions.Just recently, a patent filed by Sony in 2012 has surfaced, which indicates yet another way the company might utilize cloud streaming to benefit gaming. This patent would allow developers to improve classic PlayStation games by adding new obstacles or challenges on the fly.While the particulars of the patent are a little complex, it basically gives developers a way to add a new dynamic to classic games. For example, a developer could add a new objective or restriction to a level like collect X number of coins or complete the level with only one life."

Game Rant

"Dave Roberts, chief executive of Electronic Arts’ PopCap Games division, is retiring from the game studio that he joined almost nine years ago. Cofounder John Vechey will take over the job of running the Seattle-based studio that created hits like Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled. The news will be effective Wednesday, Jan. 8, GamesBeat has learned.This makes Vechey the last remaining cofounder, as Jason Kapalka will leave PopCap at the same time that Roberts does. Kapalka will remain a creative consultant for PopCap."