Final Fantasy X HD: Comparing The PS3, PS Vita Visuals


After comparing the Final Fantasy X HD Remastered soundtrack songs with some of their originals yesterday, it comes to my attention now that someone has done something along the same lines with the visuals.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 will come out in North America on March 18th, for both the PS3 and PS Vita. Those who have seen a lot of coverage and promotional videos usually see what the PS3 version looks like. Now, a Youtuber has created a side-by-side comparison of the Japanese release using the magical wonders of the PS Vita TV.

At the very first shot we see, there is very evident difference in visual fidelity between the PS3 half and the PS Vita half of the opening scene in Final Fantasy X. The assets (Wakka, Yuna and Tidus’ weapons) and environmental textures are of a much higher resolution, are sharper and have a wider variety of colorization. However, when you consider that the PS Vita’s screen size is 960 x 544 pixels blown up to 1080i resolution to “equate” with the PS3’s output, the difference will not be as noticeable.

That said, we cannot downplay what the PS3 version of Final Fantasy X has that the Vita won’t. As you can see in the title image, anti-aliasing will do wonders for the PS3 when it comes to character closeups. Tidus’ hair, Lulu’s belt emporium of a gown, Rikku’s knife-garters; all those sharp edges might look more jagged in the PS Vita release.

All I know is that I cannot wait for Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy X and X-2’s HD Remaster to North America when it releases on March 18 to make comparisons for myself.