Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 1/2/14


"Sony sold more than half a million PlayStation 4s across the UK in thirty days since its release, while Microsoft managed to shift 364,000 Xbox Ones in five weeks, according to official sales data released for the first time.Retail monitor Chart-Track has measured some 530,000 PS4 sales since the system released on November 29, which represents about £180 million in gross revenue. Microsoft made a similar amount from Xbox One, about £140 million, due to positive sales and coupled with the additional cost of the console."


"Tobii and peripheral maker SteelSeries have teamed up to build an eye-tracking control system so that players can interact with games using their eyes.Stockholm-based Tobii has developed its eye-tracking technology for more than a decade, and it’s ready to partner with gaming peripheral maker SteelSeries to create a version for mass-market applications such as gaming. The hope is to provide a new dimension of interaction for gamers, with richer and more immersive games. If successful, they could open a huge new market supplying devices that replace the traditional game controller that has been around for decades.Tobii’s technology promises precision control. It uses a camera-like device to detect your eyeball in three dimensions and then determines precisely where you are looking on a screen."


"With the start of the new year comes this bit of news. Activision has pulled every single Marvel video game they own off downloadable sites.Game Informer broke the news and went right to the source with Activision itself on what Marvel games were pulled. Though they didn’t confirm it, though it’s very possible Activision has lost or dropped the license for Marvel games and won’t be renewing it."

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