Battlefield 4 Premium Double XP Event Coming January 3


The previously delayed end of the year double XP event for Battlefield 4 premium members has a new date, and it’s coming fast. From January 3 through the 5th, premium members will get all the double XP they could want, and more.

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The event starts at 8 a.m EST Friday (tomorrow), and will run until 6 p.m. EST on Sunday. That’s 58 hours of double XP potential for players. The original event was supposed to start on Dec. 27, but had to be postponed due to server stability issues that have been commonplace since launch. The team must now believe that the servers are stable enough to hold all of those players logging in the extra hours of Battlefield 4 time in order to level up quicker.

In order to be eligible for the double XP event, you must be a Battlefield premium member which requires a $49.99 subscription fee. That fee includes exclusive premium events as well as all of the announced DLC. But remember, last month DICE announced it was halting all DLC production due to the game’s problems, so you may be waiting a while for those new maps and weapons.


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