NBA 2K14 Servers Still Struggling With Downtime


While PC game servers are dealing with a hacker group trying to make life miserable for those who just want to play, another set of servers continue to deal with issues caused by it’s own company.

Since late Friday- early Saturday, the 2K servers — specifically in NBA 2k14 — have been down more than they’ve been up over the last 96 hours. The server downtime have caused players to be unable to play their MyCareer and MyGM modes that they started while connected to the internet. If you happen to be one of the few who have an offline career mode, then you should have no problem playing your game.

2K representatives have tried to make consumers feel better about the issues by offering free Virtual Currency codes, but there are a few problems with that. The first is that the codes expire, and if players can’t access the servers, how can they get the “free” VC. The second problem is that giving away something that doesn’t hurt 2K or cost them money is not going to help players who shell out $60, and then some, for the game get over the fact that they can’t play what they paid to play.

One game that is likely going to see a slight jump in use is NBA Live 14 from EA Sports. Because of NBA 2K’s server problems, some fans are likely to hop over to the more stable EA servers in order to get their basketball fix.

That’s what happens when fans have a choice of games.If you don’t produce on your end, the players will hop over to the competition. If only other sports leagues had competition in the video game market, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Keep it locked to Gamesided for more on the server status of NBA 2K as updates become available.


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