UPDATED: EVE Online Latest To Be Hit By Hacker Group


UPDATE 3: 5:10pm EST: The servers have once again been restored. We’ll see how long this up time lasts.

UPDATE 2: 4:30pm EST: After a half hour of the servers being back up, the group has taken them down once again. This is likely a situation that won’t be ending anytime soon so, as stated before, we recommend staying away from the game client for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: 4:05pm EST: The downtime of EVE Online seems to be coming to an end as nearly all of the servers have been restored and are operational. This has been the quickest fixes of the takedowns by the hacker group, but it’s certainly not a bad thing that they have been brought back online.

We will keep you updated if any more servers are attacked by the group.

The hacker group that has been running roughshod over the last 24 hours is at it again. This time, it’s yet another MMO, EVE Online, feeling the wrath of the attackers.

The group tweeted out around 3pm EST that the “next course of action involves spaceships”. Moments later, EVE’s website and servers dropped, and remain as such.

It appears, for now, that only the game itself is being hit, and users aren’t being specifically targeted like Monday. We will keep you updated on the EVE Online server status as they become available. For now, it’s best to stay away from the client to avoid risking your personal information.


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