Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 12/26/13


"One of the most distinctive features of the newest generation of gaming consoles is the ability to easily share gameplay footage on social media. I have to admit that while I initially thought that such a feature would be gimmicky and seldom used, I became a convert once I found myself in a Battlefield 4 server on my PS4 and a fighter jet kamikaze’d itself into my face – I couldn’t keep that moment to myself, now, could I?Unfortunately, all is not well with the sharing function as of late, and we can certainly add this to the list of launch bugs on the PlayStation 4.Lately, I’ve been noticing that when I hit the Share button, the footage I’m presented with is not from the previous 15 minutes of gameplay, but rather a 15-minute chunk of footage that actually had occurred a half-hour ago, or an hour ago, or sometimes even more."


"Maybe it was getting his first video game, Cosmic Avenger, for Christmas at age 12, and then having to wait an entire year for the hard-to-land Colecovision console to play it on that made Michael Thomasson so determined to get his hands on every video game and system he could find.Now, 31 years and roughly 11,000 games later, Thomasson is the newly crowned world record holder for having the largest collection of video games. He is featured in a two-page spread in the just-released “Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer’s Edition.”"

"Christmas time means many people are opening up freshly-wrapped consoles, handhelds, and games. So as you might expect, a number of online services have been affected by high volume. Sony’s PlayStation Network and Nintendo’s eShop have both been affected by heavy online traffic, as has Valve’s Steam service.A number of users have hit PlayStation’s forums to post in regards to network outages experienced throughout the day."