Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 12/23/13


"There’s another split decision for the Christmas number one this year, with Call Of Duty on Xbox 360 the best-selling individual format game.Ghosts on Xbox 360 is the best-selling game in the run-up to Christmas, but officially the Christmas number one (which, confusingly, is named in the week prior to the big day) is FIFA 14 at the top of the all formats chart.Sales for EA’s football game have been increasing faster than Call Of Duty: Ghosts over the last few weeks, but although all versions of the game combined sold more than Activision’s shooter FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 could only make it to number two in the individual formats chart."


"Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries have released a new video for Star Citizen, their upcoming crowd-funded open-ended space-sim, and it’s looking more sumptuous than ever.The video also showcases the game’s procedural destruction which allows you to shoot off individual parts and panels of ships.Star Citizen is currently releasing in modules with the Dogfighting module expected to arrive early next year and the full release cycle complete by 2015."


"Canada’s military says video simulation, including video games like Call of Duty, will play an increasing role in its training in the future.The military is examining how computer-generated scenarios boost ordinary training, and for the first time is considering their use in mission rehearsals.The head of special forces, Brigadier-General Denis Thompson, says it’s something being seriously looked at, but it wouldn’t replace traditional military drills."